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See what other people are saying about our Dry Creek at East Village apartments! At Dry Creek at East Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Rickilynn was excellent. She had everything organized, she was well spoken, and did a great job showing me the room. Very professional service. Keep up the great work.👍🏼


I have enjoyed living here for the past 2 years. The management is really kind and are willing to listen when you have problems. The maintenance crew is very helpful and quick when I have had things break. The price of this place is good and the location worked out well for my work and college. The trax station is located just at the end of the block. I have loved living here for the most part. I will always remember it as my first apartment. -One reason why I take away a star is we currently don't feel comfortable going into the garage. We have a neighbor that almost seems that they lives out of their storage unit 24/7. It's really creepy hearing people talking from the storage unit when getting off work at night. I sometimes feel unsafe when going to the garage at night because there will be the same four people hanging around cars and storage units. I have noticed alot more of unfamiliar cars in the garage recently without the parking stickers after 10:00 p.m.. Many of my neighbors won't park near the group because they are worried about getting overspray on their cars. -secondly, this place has paper thin walls. Warning!! Mature content on the otherside of the wall, otherwise, it has been a great place to live. I highly recommend this place for a first apartment! I love the pool and hot tub when they are running. We have an amazing view from the balcony. Thank you guys for a great place to live.


I love living here! The staff's nice and efficient. I get my questions answered immediately! The location is in a good spot. Lots of local places to walk to. They are willing to work with you if you make a mistake or if your late in a payment. Conveniently right next to traxs. I park down in the garage and my car was broken into and I didn't have any problems talking to the staff.I forgot to lock my car and they weren't judging me and they were friendly and concerned. Asked if I was okay and then addressed my issue immediately! The price is reasonable for the area. I'm willing to pay the price for just myself. The only downside is you can hear your next door neighbors, however, that is the price for living in an apartment. I would recommend this place to anyone! Whitney is one of my favorites as she's genuinely friendly, cares, addresses issues immediately and doesn't forget you.


We have lived here for six months now and we love it. We enjoy the amenities that are provided and how the staff is doing their best to provide assistance during this crazy time. Whenever we have had a problem they have always been super quick to respond and solve the problem.


I’ve loved living at the east village for dry creek. The staff is always helpful and quick to answer maintenance calls. Compared to other luxury apartments the pricing is much better. I currently am in a 2 bed 2 bath lease and it’s perfect for two people without going way over budget for living expenses. Wish I didn’t have to pay for cable because I don’t use it but that’s the only downside of living here. Cable is included in rent.


Good place to live. Management is super nice and always willing to help with anything that occurs. Pricing is comparable to nearby places and the size of the place is great. The management staff recently went through a “change” to another company hosting them, and I can already see a difference that’s fresh and nice. Only wish is that the garage & apartment buildings would have better security. There’s always an open door somewhere and no camera system in the garage. Many times people have had their car broken into... mine included.


I love Dry Creek at East Village Apartments! The office staff are really nice, friendly and helpful whenever you have any questions or concerns. My apartment is really up to date and new. I love the Valet Waste pick up every night. I love how there is a gym, pool/hot tub and a movie theatre room. It's very clean and well taken care of. The view is really nice and it's very awesome living so close to all of the stores and food places. The prices for living here is very reasonable for everything. I would really recommend living here! My dog and I love living here!


Very friendly and helpful staff. Really nice place.


We enjoy living here and being close to where we spend most of our busy live's. Dry Creek is a creat complex to live at. Parking can sometimes be a pain but usually pretty good.


I love Dry Creek at East Village Apartments! The office staff are really nice, friendly and helpful whenever you have any questions or concerns. My...

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